What is Sonect? How does Sonect work?

SONECT converts every shop into a “virtual ATM” – reducing cost of cash dis­tri­b­u­tion for banks and easing up in store cash man­age­ment for merchants via a location based on-demand service. It allows its users to withdraw cash every­where using only a smart­phone.
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Did you know that cash is being withdrawn at least 100 billion times from an ATM every year? And this number is actually growing 6% annually! But to handle all the cash we use, our global economy ‘wastes’ several hundred billion Swiss Francs per year. The United States of America alone spend more than $200 billion per year. Who pays for that? Well, mostly the banks. ATMs are very expensive for banks to install and operate. On top of that, there are the so-called ‘inter­change fees’, which banks pay to access each other’s ATM network. On the other hand, retailers face a similar struggle when getting paid in cash. They have to collect, count, reconcile and bring the cash back to the bank. This costs time and money. Now ask yourself: when was the last time you enjoyed to look for an ATM just to get cash? It gets even worse if you have to pay a fee to withdraw it! So, should we go cashless? Well, 85% of all global consumer payments are still done using cash. Therefore, it might still take five up to 30 years until we live in a cashless society. In addition, cash brings many benefits like privacy and universal accep­tance. Most notably, a cashless world puts the poorest at risk of further exclusion, since two billion people still have no bank account.

Global Consumer Payments: 85% still cash!

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At Sonect, we have created a solution that acts as the bridge between physical and digital cash. By lever­ag­ing the power of the sharing economy, we democ­ra­tize the process of cash dis­tri­b­u­tion. Thereby, we are elim­i­nat­ing a sig­nif­i­cant portion of the value chain. Now anybody can download our app and act like a ‘virtual ATM’. We have developed a location-based match­mak­ing platform that connects those who want to withdraw cash, with those who want to deposit cash – which typically is a local shop owner, like a pizzeria or bar. This way, the owner gets rid of cash and attracts new customers. Hence, increas­ing the shop’s revenue. The consumers can now withdraw cash with the click of a button, easy and every­where – globally. And the banks? They can save up to 50% in running their ATM network and can get closer to their customer!


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