Sonect wins iF Design Award 2019 for «Corporate Identity / Branding»

Sonect was awarded 
the iF Design Award 2019 in the category «Corporate Identity/Branding», thanks to its comprehensive and community-focused corporate identity with a colorful logo made up of semi-circles, quarter-circles and squares.

Since its founding in 1953, the iF Design Award holds a reputation as an internationally recognized sign of design excellence. Winning an iF award can launch a designer’s career or take it to the next level. A company, on the other hand, will earn valuable media attention and respect or can even use it as a key for reaching into new markets. A panel of over sixty renowned experts in design, industry and architecture as judges make the iF Design Award an event, a unique marketing instrument, and much more.

This year, more than 5,000 submissions from more than 50 countries have been submitted to the international expert jury of the iF Design Award. The unique branding of the fintech company Sonect convinced the jury in the category «Corporate Identity / Branding».

Behind Sonect’s branding sits the multiple award-winning branding and design agency Process Group from Zurich. To take advantage of Sonect’s first mover advantage, a strong brand had to be created as fast as possible. This meant that every agreed change was immediately visible externally, without test phases.


It was clear that the Sonect app needed to have a less technical feel than other digital payment apps. Sonect helps to build communities by allowing its users to withdraw cash without charges while exploring the stores in their neighborhood. Therefore, the whole user experience and corporate identity were built with the community aspect in mind. With the use of simple geometric shapes and colors, the ‘Sonect City’ was created, a concept offering great flexibility and various communication materials.


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