With Sonect you can now get cash at every Volg!

The Swiss FinTech startup Sonect and Volg, one of the largest Swiss retailers, are teaming up. Thanks to the part­ner­ship, it is now possible for Volg customers to withdraw cash at more than 580 Volg stores around Switzer­land.

With the backtrack of banks from many Swiss com­mu­ni­ties not only their branches disappear, but often also even the asso­ci­at­ed ATMs. And this, although the latest figures prove: In about half of their purchases, Mr. and Mrs. Swiss still resort to cash. Sonect takes these consumer behaviors into account and creates its virtual ATMs every­where and espe­cial­ly where regions are affected by a reduction in cash sources. As an example, through the part­ner­ship between Sonect and Volg, more than 580 points to access cash can be returned to many villages in one go, or can even reach into the most remote valleys.

Sonect’s virtual ATM network continues to grow
Volg stands for closeness to the customer and good services. These values are also of par­tic­u­lar impor­tance to Sonect, which is why the col­lab­o­ra­tion between Volg and Sonect is only logical. The Sonect service offering at Volg makes the shopping expe­ri­ence even more con­ve­nient than before.

Sonect has its origins in the city of Zurich and has the declared goal of being present through­out Switzer­land. That’s why Volg’s network of outlets perfectly com­ple­ments Sonect’s existing network, enabling it to be in even more places where customers need and want the Sonect service. For example, in the village of Dachsen in the canton of Zurich, where thanks to Volg and Sonect there is now a way to obtain cash.

«We are glad to have won a strong partner like Volg and are proud that Volg has decided to join Switzerland’s largest ATM network. By working together, we can offer our customers access to cash where tra­di­tion­al ATMs can not guarantee it», Rik Krieger, Co-Founder at Sonect AG

«Espe­cial­ly in smaller villages, fewer and fewer ATMs are being operated. Volg thinks and acts out of love for the village. That’s why it makes sense for us to offer our customers added value with access to cash with­drawals. In the spirit of: in the village, for the village», explains Ferdinand Hirsig, Chairman of the Executive Board at Volg Group.



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