The light bulb moment: How the idea of Sonect came up

Bern, 2015 – It’s winter in the de facto capital of Switzerland. On a Friday night, IT Project Manager Sandipan Chakraborty finally arrives at home, after an exhausting day at work. He is welcomed by his wife and while he takes off his jacket, she asks him: ”Sandipan, did you remember to withdraw cash? You know we have to pay our babysitter.” Of course – he forgot. Let’s be honest, who would actually remember to go to an ATM after work on a Friday evening, just to get cash?

Nevertheless, the babysitter had to get paid. Sandipan puts on his jacket again and walks out of the building. Outside it’s freezing cold. It just started snowing heavily minutes before. Chakraborty checks his smartphone and sees that the closest ATM is ten minutes away. Annoyed, but with no alternative, he starts trudging through the deep snow. Shortly after leaving his home, he passes a pizzeria and observes a waiter getting paid in cash. The light bulb turns on: ”Why can’t I just get cash from this pizzeria?”, he asks himself.

He keeps on walking to the ATM, but can’t stop thinking about what he just saw. His brain starts connecting all the dots. The idea of SONECT is born: easy cash, everywhere.



Learn what SONECT is enabling for everybody, for shops and for banks.



Founder of Sonect, Sandipan Chakraborty, pitching at Noah18

Founder & CEO of SONECT

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