Sonect is fresh, dynamic and pas­sio­na­te about making lives more con­ve­ni­ent. As a community-oriented orga­ni­za­ti­on with inter­na­tio­nal reach, we strive to be close to our customers and partners wherever they might be. We want to be perceived as reliable and trust­worthy – just as one might expect from a true partner. Sonect treats everybody equally – that is just the way we work, now and in the future. Respect, diversity and inclusion are more than just words. They are our guiding princi­ples.

Our business model is results-driven and adaptive. We strive for excel­lence and use dis­rup­ti­on to bring our ideas further and change the way the world interacts with cash. Our people act brave, learn fast from mistakes and have the goal to get better every day. Our promise is straight to the point – Easy Cash, Ever­y­whe­re.