For Shops

Gain new customers with a new service.

Let your customer base grow by offering a service your clients will love you for. No investment costs, no space or additional resources needed. Integrate Sonect into your shop today.

“With Sonect, your customers can withdraw cash from your shop.”

Here’s how your customers can benefit from Sonect:

  • Download the Sonect app and signup
  • Accept the withdrawal requests
  • Scan the barcode of the customer
  • Sonect charges the consumer – and pays out the amount to your bank account
  • Hand over the cash to your customer

“Sonect helps you to offer a withdrawal service to your customers.”

Download the app now and start gaining new customers today!


 Your benefits:

  • New customers: cash withdrawal service that will bring new customers to your store and turn them into recurring buyers.
  • Additional service: By offering Sonect, you give your customers less reasons to walk out of your store.
  • Less effort: With Sonect you reduce the amount of cash in your store – less money to count means less money to deposit later.
  • Helps us help you: Promote the service in store to reduce your cash burden. We provide all your marketing materials.

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