For Banks

Extend your ATM network with our app.

Imagine your bank could avoid any heavy investments in new ATMs  or save costs in running the existing. Imagine your bank avoiding the ATM interchange fees and yet providing cash withdrawal service at a place much closer to where your customers live. It’s time to upgrade shops with Sonect instead of spending money on ATMs.

“Sonect converts any shop into an ATM.”


With the app, we offer a platform to convert any shop into a virtual ATM of your bank.

Here’s how Sonect works:

  • The end customer chooses a desired withdrawal amount and a barcode is shown in the app.
  • The customer goes to a shop nearby and lets the cashier scan the barcode.
  • The money is transferred from the account of the customer to the shop owner.
  • The customer receives the desired cash amount.

Benefits for your bank:

  • Save money: Reduce the operational costs of your ATM network.
  • Optimize your network: Increase the points of contact with your customers, even in the most secluded regions.
  • Digitize your customer journey: Our Sonect app lets your customers withdraw cash easily.
  • Market penetration: Expand to new regions and countries with significantly lower upfront investment.

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