Fre­quent­ly Asked Questions


What is Sonect?


Sonect is the first network of virtual ATMs.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to visit an ATM anymore, rather the ATM comes to you whenever and wherever you need cash! Imagine a world where you can withdraw cash while drinking beer at a bar, or having dinner at a restau­rant or simply shopping at a local bakery. Don’t want to go out to withdraw cash? Order food online and have your cash delivered with it at your doorstep!

Users can withdraw cash easy and every­where just with their smart­phone. And yes, it is totally free*.
Shops can offer their clients a new service. They leverage Sonect as an addi­tion­al marketing-channel, which leads to more foot-traffic and revenue. Of course, it is also totally free for the shops.
Banks can cut down their expenses for cash dis­tri­b­u­tion sig­nif­i­cant­ly and tap into new markets without needing any physical infra­struc­ture. Fur­ther­more, banks can help their business and private clients by offering them an addi­tion­al valuable service.

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*(Except for credit cards issued by Cornèr­card)

How does Sonect work?









Follow these 5 steps
1. Download the app SONECT for iOS or Android and create your account
2. Choose a shop and select the amount of your desired with­draw­al
3. Let the cashier scan your barcode
4. The money will be deducted from your account, when the trans­ac­tion is confirmed
5. You receive the desired with­draw­al in cash

Follow these 5 steps
1. Download the app SONECT Shop and signup
2. Accept the with­draw­al requests
3. Scan the barcode of the customer
4. Sonect charges the consumer – and pays out the amount to your bank account
5. Hand over the cash to your customer

Above you can see how it works for the user and the shop. If you want to know the technical details or insights on how SONECT can help you to achieve the goals of your strategy, contact us: [email protected]


Is Sonect completely free?







Yes, for users and shops our solution is com­plete­ly free of charge! We believe that as a user, you should not have to pay to access your own money. And as a merchant, accepting cards is usually very costly. That’s not cool, so we don’t charge you.

The only exception are credit cards issued by Cornèr­card, they will charge you uni­lat­er­al­ly 3.75% on any Sonect trans­ac­tion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly these fees are out of our control.







Where can I use Sonect?






Currently in Switzer­land — but we are about to go live in further European countries. So stay up to date by following us on social media or by signing up to our newslet­ter.


Where can I withdraw money?


In all our partner shops. You can find them in our app. If there is a shop you would like to withdraw cash from, tell them about Sonect or write us an email to [email protected]


What payment methods can I use within Sonect? Can I use my credit card?



You can connect your bank account to directly withdraw money from it or you can add your credit card. We currently accept Visa and Mas­ter­Card.



I want to link my bank account to Sonect. Which banks are currently supported?



Currently you can connect your Post­Fi­nance or Hypothekar­bank Lenzburg bank account. More banks will be accepted shortly.
If your preferred bank is not available on our platform yet, feel free to tell them that you want to connect your bank account to Sonect. And send us a sug­ges­tion to: [email protected] We will do our best to accept your bank as soon as possible.


I saw there is more than one Sonect app in the app store.


Yes — there is one for the users and one for the shops.


How can I become a Sonect Shop?


Simply download our SONECT Shop app for iOS or Android and register your shop. SONECT can also be inte­grat­ed into your POS (Point-Of-Sale) System. Just get in touch with us and we will help you with that or also with any other question you might have. 

Send us an e‑mail ([email protected]) or call us at +41 78 207 55 57.


I am scared that you will misuse my personal or financial data.


Nope! We never share any of your personal or financial data, even with our shops. Whenever request­ing cash at any SONECT shop, they will only be able to see a barcode and a trans­ac­tion number. Any barcode and its trans­ac­tion number is unique and both will expire after 15 minutes.


And yes, your data is always safe — it is trans­ferred securely with SSL. However, due to Swiss AML reg­u­la­tions, Sonect is required to store the name and address of the users. Swiss author­i­ties will only be able to access this data if required by law. Sonect does not have access to your bank account or card infor­ma­tion since this infor­ma­tion is tokenized and not acces­si­ble.


Will my data be shared with third party services?


Sonect does not share any of your data with third party services. When with­draw­ing cash, the shop will only need to scan your barcode to handover the money. No further infor­ma­tion will be shared with the shop.


The merchant is unable to scan my barcode.


Unfor­tu­nate­ly we won’t be able to help, as this is an issue of the shop’s device. However, you can tell the shop worker your trans­ac­tion number instead. The worker can enter it manually and the trans­ac­tion gets confirmed. Easy like that.


There was an error in the app and I can’t go further.


Please contact our support imme­di­ate­ly and we will resolve the issue as fast as possible!
If you are unable to find the ‘Contact Support’ button in the app, feel free to give us a call or send us an e‑mail.

Phone: +41 78 217 55 55
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +41 78 217 55 55
Facebook Messenger: sonect.net/sonectme


I have suggestions or a feedback for the app.



That’s awesome! We always appre­ci­ate any feedback or input from our community.
Get in touch by sending us a message.
We will do our best to make it happen!



I had a bad experience with a shop.



After any cash with­draw­al you will be able to rate your expe­ri­ence with that par­tic­u­lar shop.
You can also contact us to let us know what happened and we will do our best to assist you.



How can I delete my account?


We would miss you. A lot. Get in touch with us. We’ll help you with that.



Is it possible to use Sonect without an internet connection?


An internet con­nec­tion is mandatory to request cash and to receive your barcode.
As a shop you will also require internet to accept with­draw­al requests and confirm trans­ac­tions.


My smartphone got stolen or lost. What security measures do I have to take?


Don’t panic. Your Sonect account is always secured by a PIN code. Just log-in within another device and you will be able to use your account again.  Change your PIN if you are afraid someone might know it. You can also get in touch with our support for further assis­tance.


How much time do I have to collect my cash?


Your request for cash will expire after 15 minutes. The barcode too.


I want to use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the app.


Do it. We support that too.



I am not Swiss. Can I also use the app?


Yes you can. However, you have to be a Swiss resident. You will also need access to the Swiss App Store or Play Store and a credit card.


Which currencies can I withdraw?



The currency for your with­drawals is based on your location. So if you are trying to receive cash in Switzer­land, it will be Swiss Francs (CHF).


What is the rating at the end of each transaction for?


That will rate your expe­ri­ence with that par­tic­u­lar shop. Only users from our community are able to rate our shops. The shops them­selves can’t rate users.



How can I connect my bank account to Sonect?


Go to your wallet and click on the logo of your bank to add your bank account.


At the moment, you can use Sonect with your Post­Fi­nance or Hypothekar­bank Lenzburg bank account. More banks are about to be enabled very soon. If your preferred bank is not yet available on our platform, let them know that you want to use SONECT and/or drop us a line: [email protected]


We will do our best to change that as soon as possible.

Why do you need to scan my ID?



Each iden­ti­fi­ca­tion document has a machine readable zone (MRZ) which once scanned, will add data to your profile. By scanning your ID’s data you will skip many steps during the reg­is­tra­tion process and we will be able to increase your monthly with­draw­al limit. We won’t keep a copy of your ID.


Can I use my Sonect account on more than one smartphone?


Yep, that’s also possible!


Can Sonect be integrated into my POS (Point-Of-Sale) System?


Yes, absolute­ly! Get in touch with us and we will help you out: [email protected]


Can’t find an answer to your question? Get in touch. We’ll make sure you get your answers.