About Us

Sonect connects people


“We connect people who have cash with people who need cash.”

We are a team of experts with backgrounds in different industries, who share a common vision: We want to make cash withdrawals easy and free of charge no matter where you are. Additionally, we want to use our solutions to bring people together.

We follow three guiding principles:

Enabler – Companion – Community


Cash is convenient and creates opportunities – that’s why we believe cash withdrawals should be available to everyone and free of charge. We’re constantly seeking new, innovative ways to make our customers’ lives easier with flexible solutions.


As a Swiss company, we’re as reliable as the banks in our country. Additionally, we offer a personal experience, while withdrawing cash. We focus on customer benefit and the way we communicate is simple. We are a reliable companion throughout our customers’ daily lives.


Using cash brings people together. We like that. To build strong communities, we encourage people to discover local stores and businesses, which makes our neighborhoods even better places to live.

Get in touch

We love hearing from our customers – feel free to send us an e-mail. We’ll try to get back to you within an hour. Also, we’re working on a hotline and a FaceTime address for all your questions.

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Investors & Partners

As a start-up company, we require strong partnerships to continue to flourish. We would like to thank the people and the companies who believe in our idea and support our vision.